NAD+ Drip Injection Therapy for Recovery

60 minutes for perfect health and energy


NAD, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in every cell within the body and is involved in many processes.

Replenishing its levels through intravenous administration improves overall cardio-metabolic health, as well as chronic inflammation, immune impairment, cognitive decline, metabolic diseases, sarcopenia and age-related frailty.

Among other functions, NAD plays a significant role in anti-aging.

What is NAD good for?

Improve mental clarity
Boost energy
Memory and concentration
Improve athletic performance
Detox and cleanse

NAD can help individuals who are:
  • Interested in extending their lifespan
  • Interested in restoring neurological function
  • Experiencing cognitive decline
  • Seeking to restore muscle strength and function
  • Seeking to boost a weight-loss regimen
  • Seeking to reduce their fatigue and improve overall energy levels
  • Recovering from alcoholism
NAD Drip Prices
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